Is It Weird To Draw Your Crush?

Is it weird to draw the person you have a crush on?

Well, let me ask you this…

Are you:

  • secretly drawing that person in public?
  • drawing him/her naked?
  • drawing from photos that are private?

Unless you are doing any of the above, I wouldn’t say so.

Furthermore, if it is because you worry what that person might think of you, is it really something that he/she has to know?

From an artistic point of view and in the interest of getting better at drawing, I think it makes perfect sense to draw a person you like.

If you want to get better at drawing, you have to practice a lot.

Drawing people from memory, from pictures, or from observing them are all great ways to practice your skill.

Choosing a person you like might make it more interesting to you, although it could also backfire if the quality of the drawing is not that good 🙂

cat drawing

This cat didn’t mind being drawn 🙂

Gifting The Drawing To Your Crush?

You could even consider giving the drawing as a gift to your crush, and if you want to do that, I can only applaud your boldness!

However, you might want to think about a few things before you hand over that portrait. At least if you are trying to make a good impression.

  • How well do you know the person?
  • Is she/he into art?
  • Does the person or know of your skills and is supportive?

If you are not sure, you could first get a feeler on how this person would react to a drawing.

You could also simply ask if it is OK to draw him/her. Come up with a good explanation like you are practicing drawing people and that he/she is very “drawable”.

If you are more of a stranger to the person, and still want to impress with your awesome art, I suggest you start with a small sketch and not a full-on portrait.

That way you can do a smaller test before you potentially cause a negative reaction (which would be completely unwarranted of course).

If you are too afraid that he/she might reach negatively, then save it for later. Get to know the person better first before you present your gift.

Or, you can go all-in and go like the guy in the video below!

Personal Experience

I have not received a drawing myself, but I was actually promised one from a person I suspect liked me.

What I did get instead was a video recording of her telling me a bedtime story.

It was very sweet, but definitely not as good as her drawings which were very interesting and unique.

Don’t Worry Too Much What Other People Think of You

Instead of trying to live your life how you think other people want you to, try to be yourself. It is great to show some consideration for other people, but don’t let it rule your life.

We are all different and that is what makes things interesting. But it also means that there will always be people who think you are weird. So what? They would probably have been boring to be friends with anyway.

About the author: My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) and the founder of this website. Besides sometimes doing lawyer stuff, I like to draw and improve my skills as a “digital artist”, and I write about what I learn on this website. If you want to know more about me or reach out, then you can click here.

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