How To Get Better At Drawing Faces

Want to get better at drawing faces?

That is awesome!

I have written some tips below and compiled a curated list of youtube videos that I have found particularly helpful for improving face drawing skills!

Before we dive in, I think it is important to emphasize that faces can be difficult to get right, especially if you are a beginner.

The hard and demotivating truth is everything is difficult as a beginner.

Whatever you are creating kind of sucks… because you are a beginner.

There is only one way to get past this, and that is to put the pen to your tablet or piece of paper and draw.

Like any skill, you cannot expect to become better without proper practice. I like to say that you need to practice deliberately, which is the difference between doing mindless repetitions and giving your practice full attention with a specific purpose.

These videos should help you with that.

Drawing Faces on Paper With Guiding Lines for Proportion

  • Drawing faces with pen and paper
  • Faces are drawn in the frontal plane only
  • Guiding lines to get the face proportions right

Cartoony 3D Faces Drawn in Photoshop

  • Great guidelines for getting proportions right
  • Using conventional geometric shapes for the face

Drawing Faces From Any Angle With A Unique Rectangle Method

  • 3 different levels of difficulty.
  • An interesting method for drawing faces using a rectangle as the guide

Making A Sketch Of A Face Based On A Reference Picture

  • If you want to create a drawing based on a picture, this video will show you how to create a great sketch.
  • Great use of geometric shapes to transfer reference

Practicing And Getting Better

As I alluded to in the intro, you need to practice to get better. If you are not satisfied with how your drawing looks, it is most likely because you have underestimated how much practice it takes to improve.

I would venture a guess and say it is probably also because you are comparing your drawing with a much better drawing made by someone else.

That someone else has probably spent a lot more time than you drawing, so it only makes sense it looks better.

Recognise that becoming good at drawing is a long process and have fun with it!

And by the way, this process probably never ends…


About the author: My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) and the founder of this website. Besides sometimes doing lawyer stuff, I like to draw and improve my skills as a “digital artist”, and I write about what I learn on this website. If you want to know more about me or reach out, then you can click here.

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