How To Clean A Drawing Tablet – The Do’s and Dont’s

Like every other electronic device, your drawing tablet is bound to get dirty and that’s a fact.

It can get oily stains, dirt clustering up the drawing surface and it can also be a perfect home for germs and viruses.

But don’t worry.

I am going to show you some easy ways to clean your drawing tablet. These steps can be applied to both the drawing tablets with or without display.

Do I Have To Clean My Drawing Tablet?


First, it’s nice to have your drawing tablet looking new and spotless. Who doesn’t like the look of clean electronics? Well, I do.

But a clean tablet doesn’t just look good to the eyes, it also helps to get a better drawing experience.

Let’s juggle up a memory.

Have you ever used your phone and there’s this smudge stuff on the screen?

If you have, you would know it’s annoying to touch. It makes it hard for you to tap and scroll over that particular surface.

A similar issue is seen when using a dirty drawing tablet. Those dirty surfaces make it hard to draw over.

More so, when your tablet is full of dirt, it can take a chunk of your pen nibs.

Since you’re so busy trying to draw, the pen nibs have to fight their way through the dirt just to do your bidding and this wears it off.

Okay, then. How Do I Clean My Drawing Tablet?

Cleaning your tablet is easy but it’s not the same as cleaning other surfaces.

Here are some steps to get you through.

  1. Unplug all the “unplugables”.
    You’ve got to take away all the power cables and plug-in cords.  Your tablet shouldn’t be turned on when you are cleaning it.
  2. Get a clean anti-static microfiber cloth
    What the hell is an antistatic microfiber cloth? This is a piece of cloth used to clean glass lenses. If you have a buddy that uses glasses, they probably have it. They are soft and don’t conduct any charge making them safe to use on your tablet. But check that the cloth itself doesn’t any small stones or dirt on them.
  3. Dampen your cloth
    Dampen, not soak! The last thing you want is to have a water pool over your drawing tablet. Just dampen the cloth a little and use that.
  4. Wiping time
    With your damp cloth, gently but firmly clean your tablet with circular motions. The tablet surface is neither wooden nor metal. It’s either glass or plastic so treat it nicely.
  5. Disinfecting your tablet
    To disinfect your drawing tablet, you can use alcohol but not just any type of alcohol. The recommended is 70% or 75% isopropyl alcohol. This can help get rid of the bacteria and viruses on your tablet especially at a time like this.
  6. Let it dry
    When you’re done, you just leave it to dry in the open air. Not outside under the scorching sun or the freezing winter but at normal room temperature

Things To NOT Do When Cleaning Your Tablets

You now know how to easily clean your drawing tablet but there are things you should NOT do when cleaning your tablet. That is unless you intend on giving your drawing tablet an early burial, and if you do I got you covered regarding which new tablet to get.

  • Avoid using abrasives or a harsh sponge to clean your tablet. It can ruin the drawing area of the tablet and give it scratches which we don’t want.
  • Do NOT drench your drawing tablet into water or any disinfecting liquid!
  • Do NOT use soap or bleach to clean your drawing tablet. No matter how much you want to disinfect it, that is a no-no!
  • Do NOT get any liquid or alcohol into any opening on your tablet. Very important because if it does, it can affect the inner workings of the tablet.

Cleaning your stylus

Your drawing stylus should not be forgotten in the cleaning process because dirt, oil, and debris will still cloud over it. Cleaning your drawing stylus is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Get a clean antistatic microfiber cloth
  2. Dampen it a little with water or 70% or 75% isopropyl alcohol
  3. Wipe your stylus thoroughly

Besides using a microfiber cloth, there are some other ways you can use to clean your tablet. A few people have testified to using baby wipes to clean their tablet screens. Others have used compressed air to take off the dirt and it doesn’t seem to cause any harm to the drawing tablet. So you could look at these alternatives.

Some More Tips on Cleaning!!

  • Clean your drawing tablet regularly. Like once a month but if you’re terrible with keeping a routine, clean it when you notice a lot of dirt on it.
  • Try to have proper tablet hygiene. What do I mean? Since your hands are the main culprits in getting your tablets dirty, wash your hands thoroughly before you use your tablet. Clean hands mean less dirt and less junk.


Your drawing tablet is like your work buddy and you’ve got to treat it right for a better working experience.

You could also use these cleaning tips on your phone, iPad, and Android tablet.

I hope these tips can help you have a cleaner and more usable tablet in the long run.

As always, have fun making art!

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