Best Drawing Tablet Under 100$

It may be tempting to spend a ton of money on a new drawing tablet.

The problem is that the cost of these pieces of tech can be exorbitant–easily ranging into the thousands of dollars at the highest end.

For many beginners, it might be far too much to ask for that, especially at the beginning of their careers. For hobbyists or people just casually interested, it is definitely too much.

So budget and price are important. What, then, is the best drawing tablet under $100?

I am going with the Deco Pro (9”x5”). It’s the most expensive item on this list (at literally $99.99) but despite that, it has some of the best features and a really great bang for its buck compared to some of the other products on here.

It has great pen pressure, tilt support, a great reporting rate at 200 RPS, and an 8 key mechanical-wheel and trackpad.

For $100, the Deco Pro is probably the best option for most consumers right now.

Interested in reading about the other products and options? View the full workup below.

I love all the products that I review. At no cost to you, I may receive a commission if you buy through a link on this page.

Overall Best: Deco Pro

Deco Pro from XP-Pen

The overall best option for a drawing tablet under $100 is the Deco Pro, from XP-Pen.

This drawing tablet has a variety of features, quality-of-life aspects, and impressive technical capabilities in this low price range.

The Deco Pro has a screen size of 9×5” on the smaller end, which is the only one affordable under $100. It goes up to 11×6”, but that raises the price of the product to $129.99, which we don’t want.

The Deco Pro features a pressure sensitivity that goes up to 8,192 levels. This means the stylus will be extremely accurate, and with the 200 RPS rate that it boasts, there will be virtually no lag at all while drawing, writing, creating, or doing anything with this tablet.

The Deco Pro also comes with a track-pad wheel and 8 keys that can be customized to do common inputs like going back, erasing, opening or closing something, and so on.

Finally, the Deco Pro supports most Android devices and mobile phones, is usable with a majority of the most popular art software, and supports most versions of Windows, MacOS, and Android 6.0 and above.

This tablet is just the best overall deal for a low-budget drawing tablet to get into creating art digitally.

Check out the Deco Pro on the official store of XP-pen.

drawing tablet

Close Runner-up: Star G960S Plus

Star G960S Plus by XP-pen

Also by XP-PEN, the Star G960 Plus is a close runner-up for the best drawing tablet under $100. While it doesn’t have as many features or the same quality as the Deco Pro, what this tablet offers for its price of $80 is fairly significant.

It boasts of the same working size as the Deco Pro (9×5”) but actually has a faster RPS at 230.

This means that it has an even faster response time when you’re drawing and will have a quicker correction when you change your pen’s position, make a stroke or a line or do something else.

The Star G960 Plus has tilt support just like the Deco Pro, but unfortunately doesn’t have a trackpad and only has half of the number of keys that the Deco Pro does.

With a battery-free stylus pen, and support of most major software and OS systems, the Star G960 Plus is a great alternative to the Deco Pro if you want to save $20.

Alternate Brand Option: Inspiroy Ink H320M

Inspiroy by Huion

By Huion, the Inspiroy Ink H320M is an alternative to the models mentioned above, from a brand that is just as reputable.

Coming in either black or coral red, the Inspiroy Ink H320M has great specs for its price range of $80.

With a working area almost exactly the same as the Deco Pro, similar pressure levels, and tilt recognition with eleven programmable keys, the Inspiroy really manages to get almost every single little important feature without being too expensive.

The main feature that the Deco Pro has that this lack is the trackwheel, which isn’t present in any way on this model.

The pen is battery-free, which is fairly standard. It also supports all of the major OS systems that most other drawing tablets do.

The Inspiroy Ink H320M is a great choice if you want an alternate option. The next model has one big draw to it, but for some people, that might be the most important part.

Check out the Inspiroy on the official store of Huion.

Biggest Display: Huion HS610

HS610 by Huion

The Huion HS610 has one of the biggest displays available to entry-level drawing tablets.

Coming in at $80, just like the other options, the Huion HS610 has a huge selection of features for this price point that makes it a very close contender with Deco Pro.

With a battery-free pen, 12 programmable press keys and 16 soft keys, and a bigger display than most other models (10 x 6.25 inch), the Huion HS610 has a lot of value for its price and a noticeably larger display.

It also still has 8,192 pressure levels for the pen, which is standard across most models of drawing tablets.

The touch ring, along with its support of different software and OS systems makes this another great model on the list, just a hair below the Deco Pro.

Check out the HS610 on the official store of Huion.


The Deco Pro is the best drawing tablet under $100, but the other choices in this article are excellent too.

Huion H2610 is a very solid option if you prefer the bigger display.

Most consumers, however, will find themselves satisfied with either of the choices on the list.

I love all the products that I review. At no cost to you, I may receive a commission if you buy through a link on this page. Read more here.

About the author: My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) and the founder of this website. Besides sometimes doing lawyer stuff, I like to draw and improve my skills as a “digital artist”, and I write about what I learn on this website. If you want to know more about me or reach out, then you can click here.

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